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questions for 2007-2011 rubicon owners with 4.10 gearing

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questions for 2007-2011 rubicon owners with 4.10 gearing

Post  Ryan Cote on 9/19/2015, 4:34 pm

Hey guys. So I have a question for rubicon owners with the old 3.8 liter engine. To get to the point, I'm looking to regear my 2011 sport with the 3.21 to a 4.10 and I want to know what you guys thing about the power with those gears. Personally, I drive like an old lady and I barely spin my tach over 2500 RPMs unless I'm getting on the highway or if I need to really need to stomp on the gas. Based on how I drive I really don't think 4.10s would be too bad, I keep the RMPs low so I'll get up to speed faster as well as a little more torque out of the low end and I want to have an option of getting larger tires in the future too. Personally I think the thing is gutless with the stock 32'' tires on it already and I only really plan on putting 285/75/17 tires on it but I may end up larger after a couple years too.
Do any Rubicon owners have 33'' tires and what do you think of it? How high dose your tach typically read at 65 to 70 mph? How dose the Jeep behave driving around town? I'm just looking for feedback to see what the best way to go is. I drive about 10 miles on the highway each day and I do make a long trip out to the Berkshires a few times a year too and I don't want the poor engine to rev up to 4500 RPMs or anything on the highway. I've looked at all the charts but I'd rather hear from actual people who live with 4.10s than just blindly trusting a chart.
Thanks a bunch guys
Ryan Cote
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