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Wheeling Etiquette & Safety Comments

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Wheeling Etiquette & Safety Comments

Post  Mark on 12/11/2012, 8:58 am

From what I see in the video it looks like you had a great time..

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Re: Wheeling Etiquette & Safety Comments

Post  Ryan McKee on 12/12/2012, 10:05 am

Markmmaark wrote:
That is just what it looks like in the video.
C'mon guys you know better than that. Put the camera in your pocket and help the guy get over the obstacle.

Mark you know your input is always appreciated and valued.

The of the guys that did the rocks (Andrew, Ryan Buck, Greg, and Matt Murphy) I'd venture to say that Matt is the only one with extensive experience in doing so. Andrew, Ryan, and Greg did well but haven't done it much before. As such, they took it slowly and there was a good amount of stopping, repositioning the wheel, stalling in some cases, and moving forwards. None of this had to do with the proximity to people in front of them, as there was always a solid 20 feet with the exception of me if I was spotting. This wasn't a race! They were all also very interested in having photos taken as many people are. In the event that they truly needed guidance getting around a rock of any substantial size (of which there were VERY few), I assure you my camera was handed off to a bystander and my focus was put entirely on whoever was driving.

When we take a group into the woods, they are somewhat my responsibility - be it having a good time, staying safe, treading lightly. I assure you all three aspects were upheld throughout! Smile

As a final note, you mentioned it looked like rigs were having a hard time... I'd venture to say nobody had a hard time, as we only had to winch once due to Ryan's lift height and the wet conditions of the trail. Could have happened to anyone.

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Re: Wheeling Etiquette & Safety Comments

Post  angri on 12/12/2012, 11:12 am

Safety was never an issue!
Every run I have ever been on has people on the trial either try to spot or taking pictures. No one was racing up the hill and no one was ever in danger, with the one exception of a jeep being started by someone who didn't know what a standard trans was. LOL it was funny when he cranked the engine over and the Jeep roled forward.
Otherwise everything went well. What you were seeing was inexperienced drivers trying to make it up a hill. Their inexperience showed when they picked bad lines. We all started out that way. Only experience changes that. Mark can't you remember when wheeling was new to you? I certainly remember picking bad lines in the past. Only experience will help with that. Every run everyone gets better at it.
It was partly my fault too. I was tailgunning so I couldn't see them and didn't realize they were struggling on the hill. I should have walked up the hill sooner and helped to spot people.

Regardless it was a good run and no one broke anything or had major damage and no one got hurt.

All that being said we certainly could/should have a conversation about doing a better job of spotting people. Maybe we should have someone experienced be charged with the task of spotting people on runs. We should also do a better job of making sure people ask for spotters when needed.
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Re: Wheeling Etiquette & Safety Comments

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