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4.0 Engine Oil filters

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4.0 Engine Oil filters

Post  Mark on 2/12/2013, 5:25 pm

I have seen comparisons between the factory Mopar filter and it did not fair too well so I have been running a FL1A Motorcraft filter on MY 4.0. I am because it holds more oil, it's longer than stock, it cost's about 5 bucks and it's comparable to the Purolator plus.

DO NOT use a Fram, they are not rated very good, QUALITY CONTROL, Filtration etc. They are shinny orange though...peel it and look at what is & what's not inside one of them.
I used a STP- SO8 filter, when I took it off to replace it during a routine oil change I noticed that it was empty.
It was empty because it did not have a anti drain back valve in it. That is bad for start up as it needs to fill with oil before oil will start flowing through the engine, especially when air temps are low / winter = DON'T USE ONE OF THEM.

Now going the other way, the FL299 is a lot bigger than the FL1A. I used them on a ford truck that I had years ago and I'm going to use one on my TJ if it is not too long and doesn't hit the frame.

I did not make the following chart:

Manufacturer, Model, pleat depth, # of pleats, length of pleats, filter area in square inches


The filters mentioned above are super sized compared to the stock filter and are a bit larger than the still larger than stock FL1A.

For Comparison (standard OEM size):

What brand of a filter are you using, and why? Hopefully not because you like the name or the color of the filter, after all you are going to throw it away eventually!!

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