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TJ Gas tank removal

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TJ Gas tank removal

Post  Mark on 5/15/2013, 8:33 am

Dropping gas tanK on TJ.

Remove the gas cap then remove the center 4 screws that hold the filler tube to the black plastic housing, then the 4 screws that hold plastic housing to body of jeep.
Dis connect the braided ground strap if necessary (at filler tube)
Peel inner fender out of the way or remove if necessary. EASY TO DO..

Put floor jack under the tank skid and disconnect the fuel line, the vent hose and un plug the electrical connector.
Remove the 2 or is it 3 nuts that hold tank to frame on both sides of the front of tank.
Remove the 4 nuts at rear of tank skid (do not remove the 2 nuts for the two tank hold down straps).
Carefully lower the tank to ground

The factory bolts that hold tank skid up are carraige bolts,they may spin.. If you let off of the jack a bit the weight of the tank should help the carriage bolts stay in the square holes and may not spin on you.
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