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Grand Cherokee auto-start recall

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Grand Cherokee auto-start recall Empty Grand Cherokee auto-start recall

Post  THOOPY3 on 5/13/2013, 4:48 pm

Just saw this story about auto-starts malfunctioning while scouring the Interwebs. The more I hear about these things the happier I become that the brain in my Jeep couldn't add 1 + 1 and get 2.
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Grand Cherokee auto-start recall Empty Re: Grand Cherokee auto-start recall

Post  OverlandXJ on 5/13/2013, 7:28 pm

Whoops....... Good thing my WJ is slightly stupider than the WK 1, it still has a cable to shift the transmission thank god. Definitely a good thing my XJ is way dumber than a WK1, If it could figure out how to shift on its own I would have to start calling it Christine......
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