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Time to get the Jeep dirty! Register or log in to join the fun. If you don't, it's really your loss. There are good, knowledgeable people here. Some odd ones too, but most are o.k....
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Oil Change Write-Up

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Oil Change Write-Up Empty Oil Change Write-Up

Post  Ryan McKee 12/11/2011, 10:43 am

Gave the TJ some attention today. Woke up early and went to AutoZone... $93 later and I had oil change supplies for both the Jeep and my Audi, as well as an oil filter wrench, new TJ air filter, and a funnel! I followed Audi spec, as she's a more picky car - and got the Syntec Castrol oil, but the Jeep has the distinct pleasure of moving around some generic Valvoline 10w-30 oil. Woohoo! I took my time with it, and let the oil pan drain for half an hour or so. Smooth removal, although it took some muscle to get the oil filter off... the guy who did the last change (wasn't me, I was still in FL) certainly cranked it down like a bamf.

It's time to replace your oil. You may still do this every 3,000 or you may be lazy and wait till 5,000. Either is socially acceptable. In order to do this yourself (you won't save much money, but you will know it was done correctly and by someone who cares about your Jeep) you're going to need a few things. All can be found at your local AutoZone, Advance, or even Wal-Mart if you're out grocery shopping and get the urge to treat your Jeep!

The list......

  1. New Oil! 4.0 TJs take 6 quarts of 10W-30
  2. A new oil filter - Bosch is fine, avoid Fram
  3. An oil filter tool
  4. A funnel

Total should be around $30, be sure to check out the ads in their weekly discount book first as you can usually save a buck or two. I used Valvoline, as the Jeep is a beast and doesn't need anything special.

The first step is going to be making sure you can complete the project - remove the oil cap at the top of the engine block. If you can't get that off in one piece, better to find out before you drain the oil from the vehicle. Assuming that comes off smoothly, you'll need to drain the old oil. It's recommended to go for a few minutes drive before changing the oil just to warm it up and make it flow better. Be sure to start your project at LEAST 15 minutes after your short drive, otherwise the oil will burn your hands.

Place your oil catch pan under the oil pan. (Climb under the Jeep, it's the metal tray hanging down behind the front axle/centered in the engine bay). The plug is a size 19mm socket, I believe. Slowly back it off, and be aware that oil will start flowing once the seal is broken. The plug may end up in your oil catch pan, that's not a problem, you should have gloves on anyway. Once the plug is out, let the Jeep drain. Half an hour is great, just so you're sure all the old oil is out. When that's done, you'll need to remove the old oil filter with your filter wrench. It's located on the passenger side of the engine block. Be aware the oil may be in the filter still, so move your catch pan under it accordingly.

Once the oil is drained and the new filter is off, it's time to put everything back before adding the new oil. Screw in the plug, but be sure to not crank down too hard as you'll break the oil pan (an expensive fix). Then screw on the new filter. Hand tight is perfectly fine, but be sure to smear some oil around the seal of the filter first to make a good tight seal on the block. Once those are in place, put your funnel in the top of the engine block and begin to pour! 6 quarts later, the jeep should be happy! Put the screw cap back in the block and turn the Jeep on. Let it idle for a few minutes, then turn it off and use the oil dip stick to get a good reading of the level.

Congrats! You're good to go for a few more months!

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Oil Change Write-Up Empty Re: Oil Change Write-Up

Post  jeeperscripes 1/18/2012, 5:49 pm

My father had taught me to change the oil and tires (when I was 16) on my Karmn Ghia before he would let me drive it. I think more parents should teach their kids this.
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